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Well attended match yesterday evening with lots of small chub and odd bream being caught.

1st was Kevin Kadzidlo with 11lb 1oz from peg 22. This was made up from chub on the waggler.

2nd was Kevin Williams with 9lb 15oz also waggler caught small chub from peg 10

3rd Gary Etheridge 8lb 4oz small chub from peg 14

4th Steve palmer 8lb 1oz peg 26

5th nick Jenkins 5lb 11oz peg 20

6th mic gale 5lb 10oz peg 18

Well done everyone, next match Monday 24/6, same time and sections.See match calender for details.

Golden peg will be running, one at £500, second one about £42!! Book in with Kev


Last 2 pre season working parties completed Wed/Thurs this week .

4 swims cleared between Town Bridge and Wetherspoons,6 in Island Park and 13 in Monkton Park including 5 swims re opened that we didnt get to last year.

Burbrook lake, path and all 14 swims strimmed etc.

So in the last 3 weeks we have covered from Riverside Drive Black bridge end through to Sea Cadets and Golf course as well as Kellaways and now to Wetherspoons plus Pockeridge and now Burbrook.

Time to buy your permit ready for Sunday!

Successful Working Party at Kellaways this morning. There are now 9 single and 1 double swim in the first field and 1 double + 2 single in the second and 2 doubles +1 single in the third. The doubles in the 2nd and 3rd field look like they might be the best swims. Thanks to the committee members who did the work.

A huge thank you to the team from 66 SQN 9RLC who cleared all the swims, sorted out any steps and cleaned the platforms from Westinghouse Drain right up to the bridge between the golf course and Monkton Park on Tuesday. They also helped re-create the Black Bridge Hole swim, now to be called the Phoenix swim to thank them for their hard work. With some committee members help too.

Radial Gate Proposals Have your say to protect your fishing!!

It is really important that all anglers get their messages across to the EA and Wiltshire Council with regard to the proposal to remove the Chippenham radial gate and replace it with rock weirs which will reduce the level to 1-1.5m on average(it will be much lower in the summer,a dribble) and significantly narrow the river too.

Please see below various links and info on how to make your views known

The first link below is for the EA survey or visit

The second link is to the Wiltshire council one that gives you the opportunity to comment on the 5 reaches proposed between the rock weirs.

The third one is an opportunity to comment on the overall plans principles

Also visit the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust FB page( ) who have posted some really good detail on how to answer the EA survey questions.(on 30th April)


Successful Working party today! All swims from Riverside Drive down past the line of trees and 5 swims further on all cleared, strimmed with some repairs to steps including this lump of tree being removed. Plus 2 additional swims refound that we couldnt get to last year.
Further WP on Tuesday with the support of the Royal Logistic Corps to whom we offer our sincere thanks and then another one next Saturday. Location TBC depending on how we go on Tuesday,possibly Kellaways. We will post on the FB page
Any members willing and able to attend will be very appreciated

Great to see a youngster enjoying his fishing at Pockeridge top lake. Lovely fish, well done young man!!It is an ideal place to take your kids fishing.

Fixture List 2024/25, printable version on the Fixture list tab

Exchange Tickets

The club is fortunate to have exchange tickets with several clubs both locally and further afield. This gives members the opportunity to fish many different waters at no extra cost.

The clubs are as follows: Devizes, Calne, Warminster, South Cerney, Marlborough and Frome. Visit the relevant angling clubs websites for more information on what they have on offer.

If you wish to obtain an exchange ticket please email the Club secretary at with your name, CAC permit number, date and location of where you wish to fish. You will receive a reply email whether we still have tickets available (the number of tickets is limited) or not.

If the booking is confirmed please make sure you take your confirmation email and proof of CAC membership with you when fishing any of our exchange ticket waters.

Please note it is not possible to pick up exchange tickets in person.

To obtain gate lock combination numbers please email the Club Secretary at


About Us

Established in 1894, Chippenham Angling Club control the fishing rights on the Bristol Avon for approximately six miles upstream of Chippenham Weir to Kellaways Road Bridge, except for one short stretch on the eastern bank between Black Bridge and the mouth of the river Marden.

The stretch of river is split into 7 sections varying in depth, width and flow; and offers a wide choice for anglers to fish many different methods for various species. The fast flowing shallow gravel glides of Kellaways and Peckingell are excellant for Chub and Roach and provide some of the best Barbel fishing on the Upper Avon. Barbel in double figures are not uncommon.

The middle section, from "Black Bridge down stream to the Golf Course area is where the depth increases and the flow reduces providing good "waggler" fishing for Roach, Perch and the odd specimen Chub. Is is also not uncommon for decent sized Bream to show in this area. This area also benefits from CAC installed platforms to make fishing as comfortable and safe as possible with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.

From the Golf Course down to the Town Weir, the river deepens to it's maximum depth of around thirteen feet and holds a terrific head of most species. During the summer, specimen Bream , Perch, Pike and Carp are regularly caught. When the flow increases later in the year, double figure catches of Roach are not uncommon. This is also a local haunt of Perch.

The club also controls the fishing rights on two small lakes (25 swims in total) at Pockeridge near Corsham. Both the upper and lower lakes contain a good head of Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch and Carp.

The Club now controls the fishing rights to a small lake (14 swims) at Bromham, Burbrook Lake that holds a good head of Carp, Roach, Perch, Bream, Chub, Rudd, Tench and some Crucian Carp can be caught.

Membership is open to all, with day-tickets available for all Club waters. Anglers must be in possession of a current club membership permit, or day-ticket before fishing.

Contact Us

By email at or phone 07592 930465

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