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Chippenham AC Club Rules

 1 The AGM shall take place on the last Thursday in April of each year at 1930 hrs in the Chippenham Liberal Club. All members are invited to attend.

 2 5% of net adult subscriptions to be set-aside for re-stocking and water improvements.

 3 No person to fish club waters without being in possession of a valid club permit.

 4 A member must produce his/her CAC permit whenever requested, either by the tenant owner or occupier if the land through or by which the water rented or leased by the club passes or by any member of the club or bailiff. Club bailiffs may also inspect the tackle of any person fishing club waters. They have no rights to confiscate any items of tackle.

 5 Any person discovered fishing without a valid CAC permit or valid temporary permit should be reported to any committee member immediately.

 6 Children of current adult permit holders under the age of 12 yrs are permitted when accompanied by that member, to fish the club waters without a permit. The married partner of a current permit holder, when accompanied by that member is similarly permitted to fish club waters without a permit.

 7 Juniors are prohibited from fishing club waters from one (1) hr after sunset until one hour before dawn unless accompanied by an adult member over the age of 21 yrs.

 8 Replacement membership permits due to loss or damage, carry an administration charge of £1.

 9 No fishing whatsoever shall be allowed on club river waters during the close season 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

10 No member shall be in charge of a dog whilst fishing, or allow any damage to river/lake banks, or to fences or mowing of grass. Unauthorised bank digging is strictly prohibited. Members are to ensure that all gate are properly closed.

11 TAKING OF FISH IS PROHIBITED - All fish caught on all waters controlled by Chippenham Angling Club are to be returned to the water.

12 The only modes of fishing allowed are a maximum of two (2) attended rods/poles with hook and line.

13 The holding of "Pegged Down" matches other than those listed in the club permit are not allowed, unless agreed and the committee grants permission in writing.

14 The Environment Agency, South-Western region, rules and bylaws apply.

15 No person to use any radio/sound reproduction equipment, unless using personal headphones.

16 Members are expected to respect the rules of other waters when representing CAC on those waters.

17 Members must not be abusive to or be obstructive to other water users and wildlife.

18 No member is allowed to fish on the same day, waters already allocated for competitions or visiting clubs, from either bank, as stated in the permit, until completion of the said competition.

19 All live baiting with fish is strictly prohibited on all club waters.

20 Club members upon reaching 80 years of age, on application to the committee, to be given 50% off OAP membership

21 Members are not permitted to pay for outside angling tuition on club waters under any circumstances. Neither is a member permitted to charge for giving such tuition on any club waters.

22   Litter - The attention of members is drawn to the avoidance of leaving litter. All members and visiting anglers must accept responsibility for their own swim and remove any litter in the vicinity when they cease fishing. The carrying of sweet corn and luncheon meat tins is strictly prohibited. In the case of proven disregard of this ruling, expulsion from the club will ensue.



Pockeridge Lake(s)

 Two lakes at Pockeridge Farm. In addition to normal club rules the following, dictated by the terms of lease, also apply:-

FISHING between the hours of sunrise to sunset. NO NIGHT FISHING.


Children under 12 to be supervised by an adult at all times and be fishing the same swim.



LEAD FREE weights only.


NO TINS OR GLASS BOTTLES are to be carried.


No Braided line, Hooklenghs or similar material to be used.

Permitted Baits Only. Maggots, Casters, Worms, Sweetcorn, Luncheon meat, Hemp, Tares, Prawns,

Bread (hook bait only and must be sinking)

Pellets and Paste (paste as a hook bait only) can be used only from the 1st of April till the 30th of September.


KEEPNETS may be used for silver fish only,  NO CARP to be retained, unless in AUTHORISED MATCHES where Carp and Silvers to be in separate nets. All match anglers must lay out their nets when arriving at their peg even if it is raining. Nets can be placed in the water 10 minutes before the match begins.


Burbrook Lake - Bromham

 1  Fishing from platforms provided only, between the hours of sunrise and one hour after sunset.

 2  No night fishing.

 3  A maximum of two rods only to be used in each swim.

 4  Seperate Keep Nets to be used when retaining Carp.

 5  No boilies, no nuts.

 6  No tins or glass bottles are to be carried.

 7  No Braided lines (including hook lengths and Lead Core) to be used.

 8  No Line to be in excess of 10lb breaking strain to be used.

 9  Barbless hooks only.


Note: In addition to the normal river season, Burbrook Lake will be fishable from 15th March until 15th June.



In the case of proven disregard of these rules expulsion from the club will ensue.

The use of un-hooking mats for large carp on all lakes is recommended




2.1 CAC shall consist of an unlimited number of full subscribing members residing within a ten-mile radius of Chippenham Town Centre. Any subscribing member residing outside this area will be known as an associate member.

2.2 Associate members have no voting powers on club business and are ineligible to hold club office.

2.4 The club rules as printed in the club licence are mandatory for all members. Any member found violating club rules, is subject, upon a majority decision by the committee, to have his/her membership withdrawn.

2.6 The club permit is not transferable to any other person.

3.1 Membership subscriptions to be agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting each year. The current membership fees to be shown in the club permit.

3.2 Non Members may buy temporary fishing permits at an amount agreed at the AGM.

4.7 The committee reserves the right to close any stretch of club waters by giving notice at bankside/local tackle shop.

4.9 Nominations for club officer/committee should be sent to the secretary, to be received in writing, 14 day prior to the AGM, accompanied with a proposer’s and seconder’s signature.

5.1 Club Bailiffs may be appointed either at AGM or by the committee.

6.1 All proposals for AGM to be put in writing to the Hon. Secretary, along with seconder’s name to be received 14 days prior to the AGM

6.2 Club constitution/rules may only be changed at the AGM with 14 day’s notice, or at a Special General meeting (SGM) specifically called for that purpose. 21 day’s notice shall be given by not less than 10 full members to the Hon Secretary, in writing, of any proposed changes to club constitution/rules requiring the club to call a SGM. No business shall be discussed at any SGM other than that which notice has been given.

6.3 A 90% majority decision is required for changes to the constitution. A majority decision is required for rule changes.

6.4 Should it be necessary, the interpretation of constitution/rules or any instance not provided for, will be a committee decision based upon the best interests of the club & its members

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