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Second Evening Match results

1st G. Etheridge 5lb 6oz

2nd S.Palmer 4lb

3rd T.Davies 3lb


Match result

The results of yesterday evenings match.

1st G. Etheridge 19lb 2oz
2nd T. Davies 4lb
3rd K. Williams 3lb 10oz

Well done to everyone but especially Gary!
Next club match 22/7 draw 13.00 Riverside Drive, fishing 14.30 to 19.30. Book in to Andy by text to 07864 723556


    Next Match Reminder. The next match is on the 22nd July.Draw 13.00 Riverside Drive, fishing 14.30 to 19.30. Book in with Andy by text to 07864 723556 by 6pm on 20/7

    Match Results and Tables

    Match results from the 2021-22 Season
    Please scroll own the page for more info

    martin club 4.jpg
    club 5 winner.jpg

    Open Match 30-1-22

    1st K Williams 29lb 12oz
    2nd K Dicks 14lb 10oz
    3 M Dolman 10lb 13oz

    Club Match 4

    1st Martin Dolman 4lb 7oz peg 87
    2nd Kevin Williams 3lb 3oz peg 59
    3rd Dave Baker 2lb 13oz peg 72

    Club Match 5

    1st S Palmer 14lb12oz
    2nd K Williams 7lb 8oz
    3rd M Dolman 4lb 12oz

    Club Championship 2021-22

    STEVE P  8
    M DOLMAN   12
    KEV 13
    J HEAVEN14

    Older Results


    Match Rules

    Adult and Junior Club Competition Fixtures & Results will be published as soon as they become available after each event.

    Competition results of non-Club events will not be published.


    1. Club Competitions are for Members only.

    2. Prior to the draw, all entrants will be required to show a current CAC Permit.

    Failure to do so will automatically bar entry.

    3. All Competitions are fished to NFA rules.

    4. Any member wishing to raise a protest shall send same to the Match Secretary in writing within 24Hrs of the said Competition.

    5. Members are invited to send any complaints or suggestions to the Match Secretary which will be dealt      with by the Committee.

    6. Pools are optional.

    7. There is no charge for entry to club competitions except the Christmas Match.

    Entry to the Christmas Match is by pre-paid ticket only.

    8. An aggregate cup will be fished for on all nominated Club Competitions.

    9. Match results may be published in the press and on the Club Website.

    Golden Peg Rules

    1. Separate “Golden Peg” competitions will run on Chippenham AC member only matches and Chippenham AC organised open matches.


    2. The Club “Golden Peg” pot will be competed for when 5 or more anglers enter into the event at any one match

            The Open “Golden Peg” pot will be competed for when 15 or more anglers enter into the event at any one match


    3. The cost of entry will be one pound (£1). Entry fees will be collected prior to the draw. Should the required number of 5 (club) or 15 (open) entries not be reached, all monies collected will be paid out.


    4. The “Golden Peg(s)” will be drawn after the match and the number of the Golden Peg(s)”  will be made known to all.


    5. Should the “Golden Peg(s)” not be drawn at the main draw, or not won on the day, all monies collected will be carried forward to the next event.


    6. To win the “Golden Peg” pot an angler must record the best weight in the match from a peg deemed a “Golden Peg”. In the event of a tied weight the “Golden Peg” pot will not be paid out unless all anglers involved in the tie have drawn a “Golden Peg” in the same “Golden Peg” pot. Should this arise, the “Golden Peg” pot will be shared equally between the anglers involved.


    7.   In Club Matches should the “Golden Peg” pot reach £500, a second pot will be started with two “Golden Peg” draws made prior to the main draw. The first draw will be for the £500 pot and the second draw will be for the smaller pot. Should the second pot reach £500, a third pot will be started and three  “Golden Peg” draws made and so on. Open Matches the "Golden Peg" pot has no limit and will continue to roll over until won.


    8.  The number of “Golden Pegs” drawn for each “Golden Peg” pot will be based on the number of anglers entered in the “Golden Peg” pool. For each 25 anglers entered, one “Golden Peg” will be drawn. I.E. 5 – 25 anglers entered, 1 “Golden Peg” drawn, 26 – 50 anglers entered, 2 “Golden Pegs” drawn and so on. Opens will be 1 golden peg per 30 anglers I.E. 15-30 1 golden peg drawn, 31-60

    2 golden pegs drawn and so on.


    9. It may be necessary for winnings to be paid by cheque. This will be done no later than fourteen days from the day of the win. It is the duty of the winner to inform the match organiser of his or her postal address.


    10. All money collected as entry fees to the “Golden Peg” contest will be added to the "Golden Peg” pot. Chippenham AC will not deduct any monies from this pot.


    11. Should a competitor require a re-draw for whatever reason, that competitor will not be eligible for the “Golden Peg” prize money.


    12. Any competitor with a grievance may bring it to the attention of the club committee by writing to the club secretary. This will be dealt with in accordance with club rules.


    13. The rules are provisional and may be amended at any time by the Match Secretary. Notice will be given of any amendments.

    Xmas match results

    The results of the Xmas match are as follows:
    1st Dave Johnson 18ib
    2nd Kev Rowles14lb
    3rd Martin Dolman 12lb


    Open Fishing Match 8th Feb Results

    Results of yesterdays open match
    1st Jason Twinning 11 06
    2nd Colin Gittings 10 07
    3rd Shaun O Neal 10 00
    4th Dave Baker 6 12
    5th Kevin Kadzilo 6 07
    Only Chub where feeding in the sub zero conditions ,despite this nine weights above 4 pounds
    Thanks to Dennis Baker for organising it.

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